"Mike's ability to take complex issues and write for the average reader is unsurpassed. He takes his years in newspaper journalism to heart, remembering who he is writing for, hitting deadlines and adjusting or updating content as asked. Mike's prose is a dream for an editor, and his uncanny power to hook an audience is a trait that can't be taught."

"Mike Hutton has an uncanny knack for uncovering stories few other writers would think to look for, earning the trust of sources few other reporters would be able to get close to, and writing engaging stories that few readers would be able to pass by. He's a tireless worker who's perfectly at home on a tight deadline, with a gift for making complicated subjects both digestible and entertaining. Decades of experience haven't dulled his curiosity or his passion for his work, and he'd be an asset to any outlet in virtually any capacity."

Mark Lazerus Former sports editor of the Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana; currently national NHL writer for The Athletic

As a former newspaper reporter, Mike Hutton understands how to craft pieces that are engaging, fair, and accurate while working under tight deadlines. Mike is a member of the Indiana Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association Hall of Fame and has proved to be an excellent writer in other fields as well. He’s naturally curious, dedicated, and is an outstanding choice for your content-creation needs.